Self catering accommodation in Cornwall

There’s a saying in Cornwall, which is funnily enough about Cornwall itself: “Once you come here, you will not forget it for a lifetime!” We couldn’t have put it better ourselves and believe us when we say this really does ring true when it comes to Cornwall and our variety of stylish Cornwall cottages.

We have a range of luxurious self catering accommodation in Cornwall situated in two of its most sought-after spots: Little Brightor and St Ives, providing perfect holiday accommodation for any holiday makers looking for a holiday or short break in the magnificence of Cornwall.

Situated in the far south-west of England, Cornwall is truly a picturesque haven that’s almost completely surrounded by the Atlantic ocean, offering amazing views from Cornwall’s coastline that stretches for almost 300 miles. People really do adore Cornwall for its majestic beaches, that provide the ideal spot for budding surfers to catch a wave, amongst other water sports.

Cornwall is famous for the Cornish pasty and its cream teas, all served in their variety of authentic tea rooms dotted throughout the county. But Cornwall has plenty of hidden gems that may surprise you – there is plenty of fabulous walks to undertake, the breath-taking views that are on offer throughout the day and a lot of interesting local legends and myth concerning its unique landscape – stories of giants occupying the highest hills of St. Michaels Mount are often retold with gusto amongst the locals! Did you also know that the Bodmin Moor has fascinating prehistoric remains hidden away to be discovered?

Cornwall has a history steeped in its Celtic roots, where you will find people who identify themselves as Cornish and who are extremely warm and friendly. Discover the unique Cornish language in the village names and culture.

Amongst the history-rich culture of Cornwall, there is also a buzzing art scene found in West Cornwall, where the gorgeous Cornwall landscapes come to life on canvases. For the foodies out there, Cornwall is well-renowned over the world for its food scene – it has an abundance of award-winning local food producers and chefs making their mark in the gourmet world. Some of the feasts on offer are truly a delight to discover and behold!